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Tour de France Limited Edition Sports Sunglasses Radarlock

Tour de France limited edition of HALF JACKET

Tour de France Limited Edition Sports Sunglasses HALF JACKET

[ June 28, 2013 in Shanghai, China News] A time when the Tour de France will start on the occasion , the world -renowned sports brand Oakley ( Oakley ) Tour de France officially released a limited edition series of glasses , wrapped in the art technology , innovation and subvert the traditional , and the global Tour de France fans join the festivities . This set of limited edition series of glasses ring method aims to participate in the great events of these elites tribute products, including two new color of sport sunglasses Radarlock, Half Jacket 2.0 XL and a casual sunglasses Fuel Cell.

Any high-speed movement and the need for endurance and explosive moment of the game for the visual requirements are very high , so proud of Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology has been favored by many players , only in the 2012 tournament , the overall standings Top 10 of the Tour de France riders have seven options , including Radarlock series including Oakley glasses.

" Tour de France experienced players hone thousands of kilometers to strong faith and courage to show strong performance of the soul ." Oakley 's Global CEO Colin Baden (Colin Baden) said, " They go through a thousand one hundred times a challenge , they used riding light up the whole city. Tour de France needs that challenge themselves and continue to subvert the spirit , and Oakley are also constantly use innovation to help them complete their mission . "

The release of Radarlock and Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL two Tour de France limited edition sports sunglasses , design inspiration comes from the French flag , the lens of the iceberg and laser engraving of the Tour de France limited edition unique tag. Also, the two pairs of glasses have Switchlock quick change lens technology, athletes can choose the right color of the actual environmental needs of the lens ; mirror legs and Unobtainium nose pads have adopted non-slip rubber material, greatly improves the athlete sweating frames between the grip and the skin resulting in fierce competition and can effectively prevent the glasses slip displacement .

Tour de France Limited Edition Casual Sunglasses Fuel Cell

Tour de France Limited Edition Casual Sunglasses Fuel Cell

Tour de France Limited Edition Radarlock polished black frame to highlight the red and blue mirror leg match. Glasses Kit with two lenses , all with broad vision lenses optimized pore permeability and good design . G40 lens technology which uses a lens either plain or in low light conditions , can allow athletes on the front of the property at a glance ; while another deputy can strengthen red coated lenses eliminate glare in the sun , filtering unwanted light. so Oakley improve contrast vision in both sub- lens optical technology applications have been fully applied .

Another limited edition of the Tour de France Sports Sunglasses - Half Jacket 2.0 XL, its design is not only able to get the lens to increase the wider field of vision , but also to ensure the protection of a wider range around the eye . Glasses kit contains black coated lenses can effectively eliminate glare , balance light penetration to enhance clear vision and contrast ; another deputy also uses optimization techniques vision lenses , allowing the wearer in a variety of situations under all lighting conditions easy to deal with .

In the suite , Oakley is also a limited edition for the two deputy sports sunglasses customized the Microclear glasses bags, on top of the Tour de France official logo and an original Oakley technology background pattern complement each other , side pockets can also be used to store a second pairs of lenses , which highlights details of the design of the Oakley everywhere.

For a long time , Oakley eyewear has been committed to excellence in the integration of technology and personality trends . Therefore, the Tour de France in a limited edition series has also released a casual sun glasses - Fuel Cell, which uses a unique streamline design , polished black mirror legs Oakley technology elements embedded pattern . The red and blue stripes Oakley metal logo also demonstrates the French and the origin of this international event . In addition , Fuel Cell lenses with the same corner of the Tour de France races laser engraving unique tag. To commemorate the Tour de France race began in 1903 , so the inside of the legs has a mirror bearing the distinctive mark this glorious year . Oakley glasses for the selected section of black coated lenses can effectively eliminate glare , balance light , thus providing a clear vision and improved contrast. Supplied Microclear glasses bag pattern with a chic biker silhouette , combined with red and blue background design , not only looks unique , but also can be used to clean and store glasses.


Both Tour de France limited edition sport sunglasses glasses bag specially tailored Microclear

"This year is the 100th Tour de France , which is the world's most important and greatest cycling event , this limited edition series of glasses is bound to become fans of the collection ." Baden says , "Oakley will use top technologies in this series , as the athletes participating in the bike 's top tournament for the feeling of pride , they will also experience the Oakley sunglasses brings extraordinary visual effects . "

Baden concluded , "Oakley began decades ago in the Tour de France is committed to constantly go beyond, constantly subvert , nothing in this life than the athletes the most important events wearing Oakley products more persuasive I hope this year's players were able to surpass the previous self, even more outstanding performance . "

It is the Tour de France from around the world experienced players physically and mentally tough baptism, only the achievements of the history of one of the most challenging physical limits of the Tour de France races , Oakley will be the top product fully supports the 100th Tour de France races and sincerely wish the players in this game and writing legend.

About the Tour de France Tour de France

In 1903, two French newspaper competition , gave birth to the Tour de France . Since then, in addition to the interwar period , the annual travel thousands of kilometers , from the plains to the mountains , from the hills to the mud, players from around the world with the body and will interpret this event will become a ride through the centuries legend. Currently, the Tour de France has become the world's third largest sporting prosperity . 2013 games from June 29 to July 21 , the tournament attracted a total of 22 teams participating , each team consists of nine players , composed in 23 days of the time they will be 21 stages of the race the current total length of 3479 km Tour de France . This year for the first time starting in the Mediterranean island of Corsica , the last stage is situated southwest of Paris from the historic Palace of Versailles start and end at sunset from the Champs -Elysées . Competition, a total score of the leading riders to wear the yellow jersey sprint points leader wearing green jersey , climbing Best score wearing red polka-dot jersey for the first time to participate in the Tour de France riders the best performance wear white jersey. ?

About Oakley

Oakley was founded in 1975 and headquartered in Southern California , is the world's leading sports brands. Oakley has 600 patents , and continue to find the problem and in an artistic way to find a solution . This unique philosophy allows Oakley on the market the most representative and most unique brands , Oakley 's innovative technology enables world-class athletes in competitive play among the best level . Oakley 's High Definition Optics for its superior High Definition Optics (HDO) technology is known, the technology used, including sunglasses , optical glasses and ski goggles and other fields. Oakley has gone from the world's leading sports eyewear brand involved in the development of sports apparel , footwear and accessories leading sports brand. Oakley 's products include men's and women 's professional sports series and active lifestyle series. Oakley is the Luxottica Group ( NYSE : LUX; MTA Code : LUX) , a subsidiary.


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